Mon 10th Dec 2018
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· gears
· axles & epoxy
· guides and nuts
· spacers
· front wheels & rims
· silver solder
· ball bearings
· tools
· cans G27
· mini setups and parts for Scale
· single endbells
· assembled endbells
· endbell parts
· G12 production motors and setups
· G12 motors - top blueprinted
· G12 setups - top blueprinted
· motor and endbell parts for G12 motors
· G12 ceramic magnets
· chassis
· parts for bodies
· Cahoza wear

Welcome to Cahoza!

Dear friends!

Cahoza company has been producing slot car parts for more than 30 years and always is focusing on the highest quality. Many Cahoza products, like Cans for G27, G7, G12, Brush Hoods and Hardware are being manually produced to achieve the highest quality and accuracy. Cahoza is also producing setups G27, G7 and setups for Scale. Setups for G27 and G7 are not stated in the catalog, but we can produce them on your special order. The same setups are used by the best racers like Horky, Recek, Krcil, Vojtik, Korec and many other great racers mainly from Europe. G12 motors are the best thing you can get and we assemble these motors with Koford armatures. Since 2014, a complete novelty in G12 production motors are perfectly balanced armatures, with shortened axles and cut down commudators. Magnets for G12 are being manufactured in Japan, made from the best material and this is on of the reasons Tornado magnets are among absolute top in the world far ahead of competition. All setups are made exclusively of Cahoza parts. Cahoza, as the first manufacturer in the world, used a technology in making gears and these gears are still conquering the world thanks to their unique accuracy and durability. Cahoza has it's own plastic processing machines, technology and procedures, we can produce our own various nylon items. These items are gears, plastic rims, endbells, guides. In our catalog, you can find many products suitable for your racing.

Horky has reached 39 times the World Championship title, Korec 4 times, Krcil 3 times, Vojtik 1 time and Benes 1 time. All these racers are using Cahoza products and they use Cahoza setups for G7, G27 and G12. In the last 10 years, most of the top world racers are using Cahoza products, just as you can see in the world rankings.

Josef Hajek - Cahoza company director

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