Fri 16th Nov 2018
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· endbell parts
· G12 production motors and setups
· G12 motors - top blueprinted
· G12 setups - top blueprinted
· motor and endbell parts for G12 motors
· G12 ceramic magnets
· chassis
· parts for bodies
· Cahoza wear


the past...

Cahoza started it's production of slot car parts in 1975 mainly for Czech and Slovak slot racers. In 1985 cooperation with JK and Limpach was established. Then in 1992 Cahoza became one of the major manufacturers of slot car parts in the world.

the present...

The mission is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We guarantee high availability of our products for all racers everywhere in the world. The assortment of products is wide. We are the biggest manufacturer of many kinds of gears, guides, tools, motors, setups and other parts. Cahoza also offers magnets for all motor classes. Our precise procedure of making hardware and cans is exceptional. Cahoza motors are top quality ones that regularly dominate at every race. Tenths of world and local titles were achieved with Cahoza products.

We still work on developing newer and newer products and improving our processing technologies. We keep reasonable prices for outstanding quality products. Most of the products are manufactured on our own machines and hand work is the most important part of the complete process. This is Cahoza's biggest advantage over competition -- the work out is one of the reasons racers are seeking our products.

the future...

Cahoza cooperates with other manufacturers. We work together on better products to fulfil our customer needs and to make our products available to more racers all around the world.
It's been some time since Cahoza established business with Alpha company who is now distributing Cahoza parts.
We also cooperate with Koford. Many thanks to Koford company for their permition to use Koford products in Cahoza motors -- there won't be the best motors without Koford's armatures, brushes, screws and oilites.

the kiddies...

Recently there appeared many people who are trying to copy products. Major manufacturers like Cahoza or Koford warn all racers -- do not use these fake products. Simply copying an item won't ensure the quality, it will never achieve the original's preciseness and work out. For example these SMF endbells for Cahoza cans -- it's a poor imitation. Don't buy them, they might be fine for kid racing, but try to use them at profi and you'll get back to the original. The reason is simple -- we produce high quality parts for real racing, they copy these parts just to make it a profitable business for themselves. And the difference? The process. Only our special procedures and custom made accurate tooling can get the things working perfectly.
So don't get fooled by their fairy tailes, here is the truth:
The world first aluminium endbell was designed and manufactured by Michal Krejci from the Czech Republic (now 2KK, Australia).
The ever first plastic gear was designed and manufactured by Cahoza. We invented the procedure and improve it all the time to bring the widest assortment of high quality plastic gears.

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